Communication PR Development and Management.
Consulting            Creation                 Production
Creative Concept Development Idea Copy Conception creative/formal Ghost writing (Statements, Speeches, Presentations, Reports, Documentations, Blogs, Cross Media Content…) Portraits Documentation Social Life Events Media Illustration/Concept Artwork (Own Image Data Base, Photos on stock) Idea, Copy Conception, Layout Film/Video Image Documentation
Print and Digital Creative handouts Formal handouts Full Cross Media Production Big Prints (Poster-Placard) PR Books Framed Artwork Web prints Web movies                TV                                     Video                                     Broadcast
A CEA Project Development for PR Media Channels at smartphone devices.
Image Consulting Positioning Theme Development PR Event-, PR Service- and  PR Promotion Development Research and Strategical conceptions: Z-I-M-T© Media Requirements/Media Management PR Campaigns and Media Content Media Distribution Daily communication- and media work Social Media Management Documentation. Reporting. Controlling.
Research Risk Management PR and Media Crisis Management PR and Media Evaluation and Judgements Doing
Budgeting and finance controlling.
Know how exchange.                                  Working ideas in copy and style. Visible.                               Professional realization.
Come in touch.                           Contact. Imprint. Requests. Booking.