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Copy/Conception PR Press Media
Formal Creative Journalistic
A question of diction.
PR Press Media Economics Politics Tourism Travel Journalism Society and Social Life Culture Art
If the idea and the concept are right,…                                 everything can be translated                                         linguistically and culturally                                         without exception.
PR Story Portrait
PR Portraits PR Press Media Stories Documentation Reportage Events Illustration Artwork
Own Media Development with full rights.
Hospitality Business
For relevant themes
PR Risk Management
Crisis Management
Every action, publication or photograph is a statement. What it will be in the end,the situation decides.
Research Investigative    Journalism Article Documentation Reportage Short/Long Story Concept writing
Essay Comment Interview Script Dialogue Script Illustration Copy Legal writing Translation o English/German
PR Press Media
PR Cover and Story Photography
PR +
Bank GM, Italy + Shanghai
Talks and conversations with substance    and authentic    visual         statements.
Photography is communication and with it a visual statement.
Content Production
Media Production
Digital Web prints Photo movies Film/Video PR-Magazines
Business Affairs
PR Press Media Photography