Communication Project Development and Management
Consulting            Creation                 Production
Priorities: Fashion, Accessory, Beauty, Health Care. Products and Services. Hotel F&B, Tourism. Introductions and Service Developments Life Style-Products (Industry/Retail) Social Life, Art and Culture. Theme and Project-Developments Project Development Lead Strategy: Communication Lead Strategy: Cross Media Conception Campaigns, PR and Media Content. „We can imagine everything. So long it stays logical, understandable and explainable.“ Project Management Documentation, Reporting, Controlling
Cross Media Campaigns Micro Campaigns + Handouts Conceptual Business Communication PR Media Content Art Concepts Story Telling Idea Copy/Conception and cultural translations and adoptions Photography/Film Storyboards Commercial Photography and Art Portraits and PR Layout/Illustration
Print and Digital Commercial Handouts Formal Handouts Advertisements Editorial Media Content Big Prints (Poster-Placard) Books Framed Artwork Web prints Web movies                TV                                     Video                                     Broadcast
A CEA Project Development
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